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         866 DYKE DRAMA aims to build community through anonymous voicemails, encouraging emotional vulnerability and connection. Inspired by 1970s lesbian feminist hotlines, gay community newsletters, telemarketing and the early internet, DYKE DRAMA is the only non-emergency (and not exclusively sexual) gay hotline in the US. All content comes directly from anonymous callers. It may take up to 48 hours for your voicemail to be uploaded. I screen all voicemails before posting. Some messages are manually sorted out if they are:

  • hatemail/bigoted/malevolent trolling (horsing around, sarcasm and hot takes are fine)

  • unintelligible

  • spam


866 DYKE DRAMA is lesbian-centered, queer-affirming and not tolerant of transphobia. Again, any and all malevolent messages will be filtered out.


866 DYKE DRAMA is funded through donations (gofundme, patreon). I only make a profit from merch.

If you have a question, email

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